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Design . Engineering . Coding. Entrepreneurship - In School Program

eKids Hub Pinnacle Program is designed to begin, continue or enhance education in Coding, Robotics, Electronics, Engineering and Entrepreneurship. Its is a STEM based enrichment program with the use of the appropriate coding programs, building & coding robots, tinkering & coding with electronics, engineering maker projects and learning about entrepreneurship. The program is based on age and grade so the curriculum can be customized per the school’s student age/grade level.

for in school

Children this age are explorative & inquisitive in nature. They learn best by exploring and tinkering using their senses. The curriculum will focus on


Robotics, Engineering Concepts, Coding, Digital Arts, Electronics & Entrepreneurship


Using age-appropriate robotics, coding platforms, tinkering with electronics & introduction to entrepreneurship, students will learn as well as foster real-life skills through engaging and hands-on projects. 

Our goal is to be a catalyst for kids to develop logic, analytical thinking, and creative reasoning in a fun and interactive environment like your school. We want to be a value added partner to your school.


Please contact us for more details and for scheduling a meeting, email info@ekidshub.com or call 832-326-7114