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@eKids Hub programs and projects align to Common Core and K-12 CS Framework



eKids Hub is looking to fill part-time and full time instructor positions starting from August 2019, for our STEM programs series of courses in Robotics,  Coding, Game Design, Programming, and Entrepreneurship for elementary, middle and high school aged children. Instructors lead students in the learning process through the use of skills such as innovation, creativity, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, ethical decision-making, collaboration, teamwork, time management, empathy, and leadership.

It's a great job for professionals and college students.

Position 1) Instructor Coding/Programming

-Hands on experience in C/C++, Java, Java Scripts, Python

Position 2) Game design

-Must have working knowledge of Game design software like Game maker, Robolox, Stencyl and worked on varied projects

Position 3) Architecture and design

-Must have working knowledge of building models, 2D CAD and 3D CAD software.

Position 4) Robotics

-Must have working knowledge of programming, Arduino, circuits, and robotics.

Position 5) Business, Marketing, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

-Must be taking classes in business, marketing, entrepreneurship or be a leader in any organization. Have the passion and vision to teach future entrepreneurs. 



-Maintain a positive attitude and demonstrate enthusiasm for eKids and eKids Hub programs.

-Implement curriculum and organize/prepare daily lesson plan.

-Supervise, interact with and motivate students in grades 2-12 while they build projects according to lesson plans.

-Facilitate learning and positive group dynamics among students.

-Develop rapport with students and establish a FUN learning environment.

-Inspire students to think creatively, critically, and innovatively.

-Empower students to explore the world around them and solve real-life, practical issues.

-Impart your knowledge and expertise as an instructor, resource, and guide.

What You Get in Return:

As a eKids Hub team member, you'll work in a friendly and fast paced environment, be a positive influence on young people, and have opportunities for advancement.

This is a great opportunity to work for startup. It's a great job for college students. Please send your resume and cover letter to andyr@ekidshub.com. Thank you!