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@eKids Hub programs and projects align to Common Core and K-12 CS Framework



At eKids Hub, we believe in  inspiring every child’s personal best. Let us be clear, we do not create or assign these things. These “bests” are already there, within each child. Our role is to simply help them unearth it, and nurture it, so we can all watch it blossom into something incredible. And because every child isn’t the same, our approach isn’t either. We pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable, meeting them where they are on their journey. Passion cannot be forced out of a child. It must be awakened, and brought out naturally. We will give every child the tools they need to find that magic, that passion, that unique gift that drives them to succeed.

We like to call it our Creative approach. They aren’t just any tools, they’re character building social skills that are highly correlated to success and leadership. By providing the tools we are playing a small, but valuable role in helping our students achieve success so they can be the absolute best version of their future selves. We hope tools like ours to be the road for the students’ success in the near future. We aim to be a valuable instrument to shape their future.


At eKids Hub, we believe that education should be loads of fun and profoundly enriching at the same time. Our curriculum with serious substance sparks kids’ imagination from K-12 grades.

Our eKids Hub Creative Approach teaches kids to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes and create without fear. The kids will love making their wildest ideas come to life. They will cherish the lasting impact it will have on their confidence and creativity.

Join us and create something extraordinary.